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Jieda associate with the university and research institute to promote the technology development and manufacturing upgrade.
Publishers:admin Views:1355 Published:2015-03-04

Relying Engineering Technology Research Center, Dart different circles with HIT, Northeastern University, Southeast University, College and other materials to carry out the German technical exchanges and cooperation, set up by more than 100 domestic and foreign experts, the "advisory group" to solve technical problems, to guide development direction. Meanwhile, the annual R & D investment of about 30 million yuan, a comprehensive and systematic science and technology to tackle. Technology Center has developed more than 60 people, has been authorized patents 4, more than 30 utility model patents, research and development of low-carbon, low-alloy, high performance, easy to weld lightweight specific type of seamless steel tubes, some have reached domestic or international advanced level. With first-class scientific research strength, has become the exclusive community Dart undertaker National Standardization Technical Committee of the specific type of steel pipe Standard Working Group, jumped to become the industry standard setters. "Shenzhou VI", "Shenzhou VII", "Chang E", "Temple" of the launch tower were using them to produce specific steel.