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Jieda is keen on public welfare, sponsoring for education project in Northwest China
Publishers:admin Views:1584 Published:2015-04-15

July 21, 2007, on the Atlantic Gou Huocheng most remote village thousands of people pock organize themselves, drums, ushered guests from afar, Jiangyin city government delegation, but also ushered in a landmark day; this day, Onishi Gou A Haka school child received $ 2 million in Jiangyin City, assistant corporate donations, the school was renamed Daxigou Jiangyin Hope School. My company chairman Xue Jianliang participate and donate 200,000 yuan whole. As determined by the Central Organization Department Yuanjiang pilot counties in recent years, Huocheng committee and government attach great importance to the community to donate and encourage social forces and social resources into educational work, through various means and channels to build a platform for social capital all walks of life to donate, to provide support and assistance to support education. The Jiangyin Atlantic Gou donated to the school building is a concrete manifestation of hope. It is understood that primary school children ahaka Huocheng Atlantic Gou founded in 1935, is a complete animal husbandry boarding school, because the school was originally built in the ancient river bed, in July 2006 the school suffered rare floods, school destroyed, resulting in students not properly educated. The new elementary school planned construction area of ​​2,200 square meters, in June 2008 delivery, the school can accommodate 618 students, 30 teaching classes.
After the completion of the school, many entrepreneurs still continuing concern Jiangyin late functioning school regularly to Xinjiang condolences, donations, the first time to solve practical problems in schools. 10 years accompanied caring student, we have been in action.